How To Improve Your Team Building Skills

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Team building uses various methods in order to improve social relations and clarify each team member’s role, while solving conflicts that can affect the proper functioning of the team. In order to be efficient, people must put their efforts together to achieve certain goals, so team building is more of a process meant to improve the relationships between the members of a group, to achieve common goals. These relationships between the members of a group concern the improvement of their problem solving abilities, making decisions and preventing or managing possible conflicts.

Why is a team building workshop important?

Team building workshops focus on integrating the talent, abilities and creativity of team members. This way, the achievement of common goals will be done through each team member’s strengths. When attending a team building workshop, consider first the team’s structure, as it influences the training and development of the program. Thus, if the team has many members it can be rather difficult to generate group discussions where all members can get involved. If the team has few members, there can also be communication problems such as silent moments. Then, there is also to consider each member’s nature. Different personalities on the same team can ensure the success of a team building workshop, if they are well managed. This workshop is useful in improving the relationships between members of the same group, in optimizing communication skills in a hierarchy, in encouraging collaborations between members and in solving possible conflicts. It can also influence in a positive way the attitude for solving daily tasks and can contribute to identify every member’s role inside the team.

A team building workshop can use both indoor and outdoor activities. Indoors team building uses a closed space such as a conference room, where specific activities take place. The activities include individual and team working sessions, improvisation and negotiation techniques, creative games and simulations. Team building carried out outdoors involves leaving the ordinary work space in order to take members out of their ordinary comfort zone. Outdoor activities include sports, team work, adventure activities and hiking. For more info on team building actvities, just click this link

Team building workshops are considered successful if the following steps are followed

Identifying the real needs within the organization, developing exercises, role plays, sessions and work instruments that help achieve the objectives set in the beginning, analyzing the program’s results and the evolution of the members throughout training, supervising the results for a set period of time and discovering each member’s qualities and real potential outside of the job’s limitations, which can be hard to see at the usual work place.

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